David Hockney


May 15 - September 30, 2012

Complementary activities

Lecture: An introduction to David Hockney's Yorkshire landscapes

May 15

Edith Devaney, curator of the Royal Academy, London, and co-curator of the exhibition, will offer an overview of the show, presenting the main themes the British artist reflects on in his landscapes and analyzing his re-encounter with his birthplace, Yorkshire. She will also speak on the origin of the exhibition project and its development and provide additional information on David Hockney's work process and the use of technology throughout his career.

Free activity. Simultaneous interpretation into Spanish.
Time and place: Zero Espazioa. 6:30 pm
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Course: Creative Introduction to the iPad

May 22 and 29 and June 8 and 12

Coinciding with the David Hockney exhibition, the Museum will hold an introductory course on the possibilities and uses that iPads offer for graphic entertainment and creation. This course, which is for the general public and will be given by Óscar Ciencia, is being offered as a sampler of possibilities. Each participant must bring his or her own iPad.

May 22: General introduction
May 29: Application for Photography and Drawing
June 8: Application for video
June 12: Editing using Penultimate and Keynote
Time and place: Education Room. 7-8 pm
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Shared Reflections

Professionals from the Museum's Curatorial and Education Departments will offer a complementary vision of the exhibition.

Curatorial Vision
May 30. 6:30 pm
Lucía Agirre, Associate Director of Curatorial and Research

Key Concepts
June 6. 6:30 pm
Luz Maguregui, Education Coordinator

Sponsored by Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre.

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Sponsored by Iberdrola

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